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With several years of experience, I've been given the unique opportunity to capture the special bond between mother and child. From the time before birth, to when they arrive earthside, to the family portraits you capture as they grow up. I have had the privilege of being able to experience and capture these moments of joy and motherhood with women from all walks of life.

Your important memories deserve to be preserved and displayed not only online, but in your home. It is for that reason that I focus on creating custom photo sessions tailored to your unique vision. My goal is to provide your family with heirloom portraits you will all treasure for generations to come.

Sioned Abuan Photography is a full service luxury Seattle maternity, newborn & family photographer specializing in documenting the most important moments in your journey through motherhood.

creating timeless, vibrant fine-art portraits one family at a time

luxury SEATTLE MATERNITY, newborn & family PHOTOGRAPHer

Based in Auburn, Washington. Serving clients across the beautiful Puget Sound.

- Sioned

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Hello! I'm Sioned; The artist behind the lens.

I am SO passionate about capturing women at every stage of motherhood. I work primarily outdoors because I am a huge lover of vibrant colors, natural sunlight and all of the wonders this beautiful corner of the world has to offer. My focus is on capturing you and your growing family at your absolute best, and creating heirloom portraits I know you'll cherish forever.

I treat each photo session as it's own unique experience. Every client has distinctive and wonderful qualities that I love to showcase through artistic vibrant imagery. Most of us have not been professionally photographed before, and I understand how nerve-wracking it can be for those who aren't used to being in the spotlight. It truly never gets old seeing my clients come out of their shell and end up so thrilled with how much they love their photos!

Seattle Maternity Photographer | Sioned Abuan

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