In my experience, emotion is only fully expressed when you feel comfortable with your photographer. Most people's worry is having maternity photos that feel stiff and emotionless. I've been told many times that I have a calming presence that puts my clients at ease, resulting in relaxed and natural looking photos that capture your most radiant self. During your maternity photoshoot, I work with you to pose you in the most flattering and comfortable ways to ensure you're looking and feeling amazing throughout.

Professional hair, makeup and designer gowns are included when you book your maternity Luxury session. Pregnancy can be stressful enough, you don't need more to worry about! Let me do all the hard work, you just need to show up as your genuine beautiful self.

Children, partners and pets are more than welcome to join you for this special time. While I do focus primarily on mom, you'll be sure to have plenty of photos of your family inside your gallery.

Maternity sessions generally take place between 28-34 weeks and are shot primarily outdoors against the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. I recommend scheduling while you're in your second trimester in order to ensure availability. Looking for an in-studio milk bath session? Click below for details.

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