- Can a partner or can my children be included in my maternity milk bath session?
Yes! You are welcome to have your partner join you, though keep in mind the tub is much less comfortable with two. If you'd like to bring your children they are welcome to join as well. I also offer motherhood and newborn milk bath sessions together with you or you and your partner.

- What undergarments should I wear?
Plan to wear something of the same tone as your skin. If possible, a strapless bra is recommended.

- Can I shoot au naturel or is wardrobe required?
Of course! You are welcome to shoot all or some of your session in the nude, or cover intimate areas with your arms & hands. I recommend a mixture of both clothed and unclothed (if you are comfortable) to get the most variety in your images.

- What kind of milk do you use? I'm worried about safety!
We typically use powdered milk, as it creates a more opaque look to your water, and is safe for the body during pregnancy. Milk bath sessions are not for those who are lactose intolerant.

- How long will my session last?
Milk bath sessions are booked in two hour blocks. However, the first and last 30 minutes are reserved for my team to setup and cleanup, so your actual shooting time will be around one hour.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please ask during your booking consultation. Your comfort during your photoshoot is our number one priority!

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Maternity milk bath photoshoots are a beautiful way to capture the most ethereal pregnancy photos. It's a relaxing and luxurious experience that allows you to deeply connect with your baby while creating stunning portraits.

During your milk bath, you'll be surrounded by real flowers or colorful fruit slices which will leave you smelling and feeling amazing! I work with a wonderful florist to provide fresh, vibrant blooms to help bring your vision alive.

Makeup, hair and wardrobe will be provided for your session, and during your booking consultation we will walk through clothing choices, as well as flower colors. Sheer, flowing fabrics are best to ensure you show off your belly, and there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from with your florals. These photos are all about celebrating you and this life you've created.

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