Family Photos at Woodland Park Rose Garden in Seattle

Family Photos

October 1, 2022

Seattle, WA Family Photoshoot at Woodland Park Botanical Garden

The Woodland Park Rose Garden in Seattle is one of my favorite places to photograph family sessions. It’s located just outside of the Woodland Park Zoo (literally just steps away!) and it’s super easily accessible for anyone wishing to enjoy the beautiful foliage and florals that typically bloom from May through September. I love bringing family and maternity clients here due to the soft light it provides, and variety of gorgeous backdrops contained in a small area that’s easy to walk around in. My Seattle families love it and the kids always have fun chasing the bees and hummingbirds around. There’s even a small koi pond that can be a beautiful place for a few family photos.

Erica, Alex, Vicki and Max were so much fun to work with, and the kids had a great time running around the garden while we captured some beautiful memories for mom and dad. It was nice to have Erica’s mom there to help as well, it’s always a great idea to bring someone along who isn’t planning to be photographed to help with outfit changes, wrangling the kids and so forth. I love seeing the bond between the families I get to photograph, and they were all just so lovely together! We are putting together an heirloom album with photos from their session to commemorate, and I’m so excited to see it in their home.

Why Photos in the Rose Garden are some of my Favorites!

There are a few gardens around the Seattle Tacoma area that I enjoy photographing Maternity sessions and family sessions in. They always make for colorful photos and are so pretty just before sunset, but the foliage allows for some wiggle room during the brighter parts of the day as well! I can’t wait to come back next spring!

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